MAY 2015

MARCH 2015


It is middle February and we have not wished all our friends and clients a Happy New Year yet! Talk about hitting the year running - from 7 January it has been hectic and we apologise for only getting to this now, but may you all have a stunning, exciting and very prosperous 2013!

We started the year with a morning seminar for the MICE Academy on "Cost Effective Lighting". This was attended by conference organisers, event co-ordinators, venue management and technical supply companies. A couple of interesting debates were held and it is worthwhile to note that we all face the same problems, no matter whether you are a technician or a venue manager. If you are interested in finding out more about this seminar, please contact us.

Then came the BlackBerry 10 launch… This was held in six cities across the world simultaneously - New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Dubai and Johannesburg with the official launch address by Blackberry CEO, Thorsten Heins, broadcast directly from New York to the other five cities via satellite.

The brief from Smyle, the UK based production company, was that all six cities must have an identical "look & feel". The Sandton Convention Centre's Ballroom was divided into four main and three smaller areas: Registration Zone where the audience was received and registered; An Immersion Zone for pre-launch drinks and snacks and this is where the audience had their first glimpse of the BlackBerry 10; The Presentation Zone for the actual launch which included a 30 x 6 metre screen with a five projector blend; The largest of the areas was the Exhibition Zone with displays of the actual new phones and various service providers had stands showing what they were doing with the BlackBerry 10. The three remaining areas were used as meeting rooms for BlackBerry and Smyle and an Exit Area where the audience could register to receive a free BlackBerry Z10.

Each of the four areas had its own character in respect of the lighting, with Registration being "corporate and sleek", Immersion had a "clubby, relaxing" feel, the Presentation Zone had each table lit individually and the white curtained walls subtly cycled through the BlackBerry corporate colours. The Exhibition Zone highlighted the stars of the evening, the new phones and was treated like an exhibition, but with warmth and colour used to give it a "viby" and inviting feel. Attention to detail was the key and the preparation paperwork given to Gearhouse, the technical supply company, included detailed lighting plots and patching schedules listing each light with its DMX patch, Universe and intended use. We drew up a 3D model of the venue with all the curtaining, tables, displays etc and used this to pre-program as much of the lighting on our grandMA 2 with the grandMA 3D visualiser as possible.

The lighting rig included:

14 x Bars of 4 PAR 64 ACL
10 x ETC Source 4 15°-30° Zoom Profiles
22 x ETC Source 4 25°-50° Zoom Profiles
90 x metres of PRG RGB LED Strips
25 x Martin MAC101 LED
  6 x Martin MAC 2000 Wash Lights
24 x Robe CitySkape 48
12 x Robe CitySkape Extreme
12 x Robe ColorSpot 2500E
12 x Robe ColorSpot 700E
20 x Robe ColorWash 700E
12 x Philips Selecon 12°-28° Zoom Profiles
25 x Philips Selecon 14°-35° Zoom Profiles
10 x Philips Selecon Vision 1,2kW Fresnels
22 x Decorative Light Fittings
  9 x JANDS HP12 Dimmer Packs
  1 x grandMA2 Console with grandMA NPU
  1 x grandMA2 onPC Command Wing (pre-programming and onsite checking)

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10

With scarcely enough time to catch our collective breaths it was on to The Queen Experience - Joseph Clark performing the music of the legendary Queen, under the direction of Elzette Maarschalk.

With twenty-six numbers and less than two days in the Joburg Theatre before the first audience, Gerda had to do as much pre-programming as possible. grandMA 2 onPC and 3D Visualiser came to the rescue, again. Gerda had the basis of the show "in the can" by the time she got to the theatre and after some Preset updates, was ready for the show! Originally the lighting was going to be called by the Stage Manager, but Gerda decided that due to the complexity, she would operate it herself. She still does not know exactly how many lighting cues there were in the show, but it passed the 120 mark by the fifth number.

Gerda would not have been able to get this show rigged, focussed and plotted in time if it was not for the excellent lighting team at the Joburg Theatre. Lead by Patrick, Jeffrey, Wandile, George, Philemon, Johan and David were all an absolute joy to work with.

The Queen Experience

The Queen Experience

The Queen Experience


We have been asked by the MICE Academy to present a programme on Effective Inexpensive Lighting Techniques on 25 January 2013 at Gallagher Convention Centre. This is part of the MICE Academy's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and is the First of this year's Focus Groups.

The full press release:
Just as accountants, lawyers, doctors have to keep up-to-date with developments within their sphere of professionalism - the same has been recognised for marketing, PR, risk management, hospitality and the like. The MICE industry has lagged behind in ensuring ongoing, up-dated knowledge improvement for all sectors of MICE individuals. It's long-overdue that an authentic yet simple process is made available to the MICE industry across the board.

Starting in late January - the Academy will hold the inaugural MICE Focus Group which will set the scene for the regular Focus Groups.

"Many MICE individuals do attend an array of great sessions, summits, conferences. Most participants do not unfortunately receive even an attendance certificate". Commented an Academy spokesperson. "Although essentially attendance certificates do not mean very much when it comes to effective knowledge transfer".

Authentic compliance certification is paramount for ensuring improved MICE gatherings - no matter the type or capacity. The corporate market undertakes about 65% of all MICE gatherings in South Africa - the other 35% is shared between association and government-funded undertakings.

Corporate companies are looking seriously at the monitoring and substantiation of ROI (Return on Investment) for their myriad of MICE projects. Event teams can gain from regular, updated knowledge transfer together with the recording and recognition that goes with assessing what can be implemented within MICE assignments.

The first MICE Focus Group will discuss cost-effective lighting - an oft last thought or production tag-on item. International lighting experts Philip Kruger Consulting will take us through our paces in a simple yet practical manner of good and not-so-good lighting. This session is a 'must' for all who wish to enhance their MICE assignments while at the same time being cost effective within budget constraints. Diarise Friday 25th January 08h30 to 12h30 at Gallagher. Full programme and registration details can be found on Both compliance and attendance certificates will be issued for this hard-hitting CPD (Continuing Professional Development) session.


Gerda Kruger has just returned from Azerbaijan and France where she toured with the award winning one woman show, A Woman In Waiting. Read the full report here...

This year saw Gerda Kruger joining Philip Kruger Consulting full-time to extend our lighting expertise and this has lead us to also offer Lighting Design, Lighting Pre-programming and Visualisation as services.

The purchase of a grandMA2 onPC Command Wing enabled Gerda to pre-program shows and thereby cutting down on all night lighting sessions. It also meant more time to add finesse to the lighting, giving the client a better product. Our grandMA2 is also available for rental.

On the consulting front we completed installations of digital mixing consoles for both The Playhouse Company and ArtsCape as well as new dimmers in the Theatre at Artscape. We were also involved with a number of other projects, two new digital mixing consoles for the Gig Rig (SAB), amongst others.

Shows this year were varied and included the musicals, Ons Vir Jou and Lied Van My Hart, the Mozart opera, Don Giovanni and corporate functions like MTN Y'ello Stars, Massmart's Annual Citation Awards Banquet and the Windows 8 Africa Launch. Gerda also lit the Hair Show at the SA Fashion Week in Johannesburg.

We presented the first series of Follow Spotter Training Courses in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban. These were very well received and feedback has indicated that the trained Follow Spotters are doing an excellent job.

A highlight for Gerda this year was taking the one woman show, A Woman In Waiting, to Baku, Azerbaijan and Paris, France (please see the link above for a full account of this tour).

In September we attended PLASA 2012 in London, mainly to see all the new products first hand and to get an idea of the trends in our industry. Old friends were seen and new ones made and a lot of discussions centred around the state of training in the industry and the world wide problems it faces. One of the personal highlights of PLASA was meeting lighting legend, Richard Pilbrow and attending his seminar on Theatre Architecture.

Mr Pilbrow visited South Africa for the first time a few weeks later to be one of the speakers at the Stage Lighting Master Classes organized by Declan Randall. Mannie Manim, a legend in his own right, was, with Declan, the other speaker at SLMC.




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