Philip Kruger started Philip Kruger Consulting in 2009 to provide Entertainment Technology consultancy services to the entertainment industry.

Technology in our industry is in an extremely fast developing phase with new products being released almost daily and it has become almost impossible for technicians and managements to stay abreast of these developments. This is where Philip Kruger Consulting comes in, we keep track of the new technologies through our extensive industry contacts and attendance of the premiere trade shows like PLASA in London, Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt and Mediatech in Johannesburg. Through this, we can ensure our clients that we can advise them on the latest trends and directions – “future-proofing” their installations.

2009 – Present Philip Kruger Consulting   2012 – Present Philip Kruger Consulting
2003 – 2009 Tadco - Sales and Administration   2008 – 2012 Tshwane University of Technology - Manager: Breytenbach Theatre
2002 – 2003 Freelance Production Manager   1994 – 2008 The Light ConneXion - Owner and Lighting Designer
1998 – 2001 Destiny Electronic Commerce – E-Commerce Consultant. During this period underwent training by GE (General Electric) in Six Sigma quality control, Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and WorkOut!, GE’s methodology for establishing client needs and ensuring consensus   1993 – 1994 Production Projects
1996 – 1998 Co-Owner InfoWeb SA - Web Development   1992 – 1993 Johannesburg Civic Theatre - Head of Lighting
1994 – 1996 Freelance Sound Technician and Stage Manager   1989 – 1992 Production Projects
1990 – 1994 Production Projects - Hiring Manager   1988 – 1989 Freelance Lighting Designer
1988 – 1990 PACT - Production Manager: Music   1987 – 1988 Wild Coast Sun - Assistant Lighting Manager
1988 Freelance Sound Technician and Stage Manager   1984 – 1987 PACOFS - Chief Lighting Technician/Designer
1987 – 1988 Wild Coast Sun - Sound Manager   1984 PACT - Junior Lighting Designer
1984 – 1987 PACOFS - Chief Sound Technician/Sound Designer   1982 – 1983 PACOFS - Lighting Technician/Stage Manager
1983 – 1984 PACT - Senior Sound Technician   1981 – 1982 PACT - Lighting Technician
1982 – 1983 PACOFS - Stage Manager   1978 – 1980 National Diploma(Theatre Crafts), now called National Diploma (Performing Arts Technology)
1981 – 1982 PACT - Sound Technician     
1979 – 1981 Military Service     
1978 – 1979 Prosound     
1976 – 1978 National Diploma(Theatre Crafts), now called National Diploma (Performing Arts Technology)     
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Projects have ranged from specifying and overseeing the supply of a small portable sound system for a Namibian church, a Lotto funding application for the Breytenbach Theatre to drawing up the specifications, getting and evaluating quotations for SAB’s planned new Gig Rig.

In collaboration with Denis Hutchinson, a Lotto funding application for the Tshwane University of Technology’s Breytenbach Theatre, was completed in record time. “The historic Breytenbach Theatre is overdue for a major refurbishment,” says Gerda Kruger, Manager of the Breytenbach Theatre, “and when the opportunity arose to apply for Lotto funding, we were fortunate enough that TUT earmarked the Breytie as potential applicant. As these things usually happen, I was given two weeks to prepare the application, and that was at the start of the year with its usual headaches. I realised that I could not possibly do this alone in the time period and asked Denis Hutchinson and Philip Kruger to assist me. Between them they prepared an application, complete with detailed quotes in ten days! The application literally covers everything, major structural improvements, new flies, sound, lighting, communications, everything down to paving the parking lot. The document that Denis and Philip delivered was amazing in its detail and everyone that saw it complimented them on their work. We are currently waiting for a answer from the Lotto, I hope everybody holds thumbs for us!”

“The Gig Rig project was hectic as we were on a very tight and immovable deadline for submission of the budget” says Philip. “We had to fit consultations with, not only the main client contact, Shaun Heunis, Gig Rig Controller, but all the Gig Rig staff, as many users and other SAB interested parties into a few weeks. On top of that I had to go to PLASA to see the latest trends and kit first hand. We also had to give prospective suppliers enough time to prepare their submissions. hectic and very little sleep is what I mainly remember.”

SAB’s brief on the project was really short, “We want a state of the art replacement for the 11 year old Gig Rig that will last at least five years before we have to look at any technology upgrade. It also has to be as “Green” as possible and incorporate video and some OB facilities.” Short, but not easy!

Interestingly enough, the “Green” aspect was the most difficult – solar technology is just not quite there yet. A chance meeting at PLASA, however, gave a whole new perspective and approach to using solar power as prime energy source – it is currently feasible and we are seriously looking at this. Further meetings at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt will get us closer to offering a viable solution.

Another fact became apparent – the SAB Gig Rig is fairly unique in its ability to park, open and provide full sound and lighting for shows – no additional equipment is required. Similar mobile stages in the rest of the world is just that, a mobile stage that parks, opens up and other contractors come and rig power, lighting, sound, video etc. With the new Gig Rig we plan on two hours from parking to ready for the show! All in one self-contained trailer for the stage and a small control trailer – the only hook-up required is a mult between control and stage.

Says Shaun: “When we decided that it was time to investigate the possibility of replacing the existing Gig Rig that has served SAB as one of its cleverest marketing tools since its conception in 1999, I knew a daunting task lay ahead of me. I simply had to get someone in to assist who is up to date with the latest trends and know-how to pull a rabbit out of a hat in double quick time. For me Philip was just that person. His tenacity, never say die attitude and immaculate attention to detail are what impressed me most. Working closely together I came to know Philip’s work ethic and it inspired me to greater heights. Needless to say the end result exceeded my expectations and I am looking forward to working with Philip on the project in the (hopefully) not too distant future.”


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19 May 2015
The second of our 2015 Lighting Training Courses
"Stage Lighting for Technicians and Aspiring Designers"
Will be presented by DWR Distribution and Philip Kruger Consulting at DWR's Cape Town offices on 9 and 10 June.
In this course we delve deeper into some of the technical aspects of our craft and take a look at what goes into a Lighting Design.

If you are a practising Lighting Technician and want to know more about the Senior Lighting Technician's role or want to become a Lighting Designer, this course is for you.
RSVP: rsvp@dwrdistribution.co.za or contact Amanda on (011) 794-5023

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